We want to learn about you.
We want to explore your current brand, your business and your audience. We want to uncover the personality of your business and create a brand that communicates meaning.

Brand Establishment

We know that every business is different, so our processes are designed to be flexible and accommodate all business models.

We never assume to know your business, which is why we offer Ignition Workshops to assist us in exposing the facts and identifying your needs.

The half day or full day workshop can help uncover the many aspects of your business that are often misinterpreted, taken for granted, not explained or just forgotten.

Your journey to a high-profile, high powered brand begins with a Modemedia Ignition Workshop. This is where we learn about you, your business, your aspirations, points of difference and the marketplace, and how you want to be perceived by your customers.

The self-discovery section of the workshop is always a dynamic and empowering process.

Brand Creative

In today’s increasingly competitive market, first impressions count.

Striking, memorable design combined with a compelling message generates a powerful appeal to your audience. Innovative ideas give your business the best opportunity to attract your target market and enable your brand across the many marketing methods.

Brand Communication

Each brand is unique with its own message and marketplace. We determine which communication tools will work best to build brand awareness, impact the market and influence sales growth using a combination of digital and traditional methods.

Brand Management

At Modemedia, we hold ourselves accountable for the growth and success of your brand. This involves continuous monitoring of your brand communication, brand profile, and the marketplace.

We make a long term commitment to you to nurture and support your brand and to maximise results by providing monthly progress reports.

We increase your brand awareness by:

  • Writing an honest, informative and appropriate brand message and story
  • Developing brand experience and culture
  • Maximising the impact of marketing your product or service
  • Increasing consumer confidence in your brand

To gain optimum results, we suggest the Ignition Workshop.